Standard Nursing Care

In Germany, nursing services are very expensive compared to other countries. Not every family can afford this luxury with their income and therefore has a Polish nurse.

Another reason is that there is a shortage of qualified specialists in this field in Germany. In addition, the situation in numerous nursing homes has worsened considerably, as there is hardly any qualified personnel to be found.

In the coming years this situation will hardly improve, because ever more humans are dependent due to their age on care.

Unfortunately, the payment is not very attractive, so that the young people prefer to look for another job.

Nurse from Poland

Home care can be an alternative. They are looking for a nurse who can take over this task. The care can take place thereby more personally and more individually. This kind of care can become very cost-intensive and German nurses are hardly to be got for the small purse. More and more people in need of care or their relatives in Germany are looking for a nurse from Poland.

A trained nurse from Poland can be found through placement agencies. The expenses are cheaper and the staff meets the German requirements. For many senior citizens in need of care, it is also important that the Polish nurse is fluent in the German language.

24 hours care – How does it work for them?

The nurses take turns every two months, as 24-hour care can be very exhausting. The person in need of care can thus remain in their home environment and no stay in a nursing home is necessary and the family members are relieved enormously. Nurses from Poland are not allowed to receive medical care in Germany. These tasks are performed by the outpatient nursing service, which appears at the patient’s place and provides care at fixed times.

Can you trust a nurse from Poland?

Older people often consider letting strangers into their homes. This distrust is unfounded, because the specialists in Poland have been prepared for their tasks. They are also paid by the Polish company. Only selected people are allowed to take this job. Their friendliness and enjoyment of their work gives new impetus to the lives of senior citizens.

The domestic help not only does the cooking and washing, but also entertains the elderly. A relationship of trust is quickly established and everyone benefits from the situation. Our company also provides nurses for seriously ill patients. Here, too, constant care is guaranteed.

The advantages of a Polish nurse

The use of a nurse from Poland brings numerous advantages. The relatives know that their father or mother is in good hands. In personal discussions with the relatives, it is possible to learn something about the patient’s previous life. Which preferences are there or which favorite foods are eaten with pleasure. In this way it is possible to respond better to the wishes of the elderly. Since there is always a nurse on site, it is possible to react quickly in an emergency situation.

Falling out of bed or stumbling over the edge of the carpet quickly leads to a threatening situation for elderly people. Quick help is also necessary in the event of a heart attack. The nurse provides first aid in the apartment and at the same time notifies the emergency doctor. Through the fast action numerous seniors could be saved already their lives.

Nursing home? No, thanks!

As long as possible, the relatives would like to provide for the person in need of care themselves. However, it is an enormous effort to bring the profession and the care service into harmony. In the course of time, the stress increases and the nerves become shiny. In this situation all people who are directly or indirectly involved in the care suffer. It is quickly recognised that the patient cannot be properly cared for on this basis. The way out, a nurse is sought. Many people from Germany decide for a nurse from Poland. An individual care is better possible, than in an old people’s home or hospital.

There a nurse must care for several patients at the same time and a wish cannot be fulfilled immediately. Many seniors are afraid of having to leave their beloved home. The elderly also know that they will never see their home again. A Polish nurse can save the people in need of care from this fate. They are looked after by trained staff and are not alone at the end of their lives.

Entertainment avoids lonely hours. It is often only now that the elderly learn what life in Poland really is like. A holiday trip is not comparable with everyday life. Also the nursing staff profits, it gets to hear nevertheless in exciting stories from the life of the seniors.