Training As A Physiotherapist

Are you looking for an apprenticeship as a physiotherapist?
In this overview you will find all our locations that offer training as a physiotherapist at the Euro Academy. You will find the dates for the start of training on the right-hand side.


The main task of a physiotherapist is to maintain, restore or improve the physical mobility of his patients. Due to age, illness, accident or disability, it is no longer possible for many people to move around unrestrictedly and without pain. At this point the helping hand of a physiotherapist is often necessary. Do you find the anatomy and motor skills of people exciting, are open-minded and motivate and like to advise in health matters? Then the training as a physiotherapist at the Euro Academy is a very interesting profession that suits you!

As a physiotherapist you will work in a team with doctors and therapeutic and nursing staff. Your goal is to restore the movement system of your patients or to find out possibilities of compensation. You will advise your patients on the form of therapy prescribed by their doctor, help them to select equipment and other everyday aids and explain how to use them. These tasks require you to be able to work in a team, to have organisational skills and to have strong communication skills.

This active health training as a physiotherapist is exactly the right thing for you? If you have a secondary school leaving certificate or a comparable educational qualification, there is nothing to stop you from starting your training.

Duration of training

Training as a physiotherapist is regulated uniformly throughout Germany and lasts a total of three years. Under certain conditions, the training can also be shortened to two years. Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity? Then contact our staff at the relevant Euro Academies to find out which requirements have to be fulfilled and whether you fulfil them. We will be happy to advise you!

The salary of a physiotherapist

After successfully completing your training as a physiotherapist, an average monthly salary of 1,300 to 2,600 euros gross awaits you. How high your salary actually is depends on various factors. Your professional experience as a physiotherapist, the state in which you work, your employer and your age all have an influence on your earnings.

Places of work and occupational fields

The physiotherapist is a profession with many possible applications. After training as a physiotherapist, you will not only work in specially designated practices, but also in hospitals and clinics, specialist practices, nursing homes and rehabilitation centres. But the need for physiotherapeutic treatment is also growing.

The awareness for a healthy body and mind is unbroken. Wellness areas in hotels or sports, fitness and wellness centres are equipped with physiotherapeutic care and can be an attractive employer for you after training as a physiotherapist.

Further training opportunities for physiotherapists

Like no other industry, the healthcare sector requires continuous courses and further training in order to keep abreast of the latest technical developments. This also applies to the profession of physiotherapist. For example, certain therapeutic applications such as respiratory therapy, sports physiotherapy or manual lymphatic drainage require continuous training courses in order to keep knowledge up to date.

If, on the other hand, you would like to improve your career opportunities or work in management positions, you have the opportunity, after completing your school education as a physiotherapist, to complete further training as a certified specialist in health and social work, as a business economist for management in health care or as a fitness specialist.

Are you more interested in studying? With the appropriate prerequisites, basic courses of study in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, human medicine or curative education are open to you. Under certain circumstances, you can even study without a school-leaving certificate. Contact our staff at the Euro Academies and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about training as a physiotherapist.

What do the physiotherapist classes do at the various Euro Academies?

Here you can get an impression of the training as a physiotherapist at the Euro Academy. Get an idea of the diverse learning experiences that our prospective physiotherapists gain in class, on excursions or during their internships and what they can do during their practice-oriented professional training at the Euro Academy.